03 July 2023

New streamlined version of the Rules of Origin self-assessment tool (ROSA) launched

The ROSA team is proud to announce that the new version of the Rules of Origin Self-Assessment tool is now available on Access2Markets for most EU free trade agreements. Moreover, from today, the EU-Canada FTA (CETA), EU-UK TCA, EU-Japan FTA as well as the Generalised Scheme of Preferences are included in ROSA in all EU languages. In the coming time period, all free trade agreements will progressively be translated into all EU languages.

ROSA has been completely revamped with a new interface and simple questions that will help you through the process of assessing the origin of your product in just a few clicks. The tool has been further streamlined to show only the information that is relevant for your product.

All EU FTAs are in the process of being translated by machine translation into all EU languages. Additionally, throughout the past year ROSA’s coverage has been significantly expanded, with the tool now covering most EU Trade Agreements, as well as the 65 developing countries benefitting from the Generalised Scheme of Preferences for their exports to the EU.

What is ROSA?

The Rules of Origin self-assessment tool (ROSA) guides businesses through the rules of origin applicable to their product in a particular Trade Agreement, with simple questions to perform a self-assessment to determine whether their product complies with those rules and can therefore qualify for preferential tariff treatment. Clear explanations, examples and links to the relevant legal texts are available throughout the tool.

To make life easier for companies, ROSA contains also clear instructions on the documentation required as proof of origin to obtain tariff preferences.

To access ROSA, please go to My Trade Assistant and enter your product, country of export and import and when you get the result you can click on Rules of Origin Self-Assessment (ROSA) in the left side menu to access the tool.

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