05 July 2023

EU preferential imports from Seychelles covered by statements on origin made out by registered exporters

As from 1 July 2023, EU operators wishing to benefit from the preferential tariff treatment of the EU-Eastern and Southern Africa interim Economic Partnership Agreement (EU-ESA iEPA) on importation into the EU of products originating in Seychelles, must submit an invoice declaration made out, as reported by the EU Commission in its Communication 2023/C 145/06 and provided for in Article 23 of Protocol 1, by:

  • A registered exporter (REX), in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Seychelles legislation; or
  • Any exporter for consignments of less than EUR 6,000 consisting of one or more packages.

Therefore, from 1 July 2023, imports from Seychelles that were previously accompanied by the EUR-1 certificate or invoice declaration issued by an approved exporter will not be able to benefit from the preferential tariff treatment provided for in the EU-ESA iEPA.

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