28 janvier 2022

ROSA 2 launches in beta version

It is now more user-friendly than ever to assess if your product can qualify for reduced tariffs under the EU’s Trade Agreements. Try it out today and please tell us what you think, your feedback will help us to make it even better.

ROSA 2 covers practically the same countries as ROSA 1 but it has a completely new interface and simple questions that will help you through the process of assessing the origin of your product in a few clicks. The tool has been further streamlined to only show the information that is relevant for your product.

Please tell us if you find a bug or there is something that is unclear, you can either contact us on TRADE-ROSA-FEEDBACK@ec.europa.eu or take our survey. We will use your feedback to make the tool even better.

To try ROSA 2, you can go to My Trade Assistant and type in your product and the countries you are exporting to and from. After you click Rules of Origin there is a banner inviting you to test the beta. The original version of ROSA is still available during the beta testing phase.

See further information in the page How to use the Rules of Origin Self-Assessment tool (ROSA)

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